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Researcher Resources

Getting Started with data requests from KUMC or other GPC institutions –  

  1. Identify your institution's Honest Broker and GPC IRB Contact 
  2. You will need the following information prior to submitting the GPC Query and Data Request form:
  • Title of your research
  • Saved search name in Babel, or a list of your search criteria [to be uploaded].  Work with your local Honest Broker to obtain.
  • A data use description, if applicable
  • Know which institutions you wish to query for data
  • If requesting data for use – do you need a de-identified or limited data set?
  • List of your study team members, including those at the GPC institutions you wish to query for data
  • If requesting limited data, plan to upload IRB of record approval from your institution
  1. Please allow 7-14 days for your request to be reviewed; you may be contacted for further information
  2. Should your study result in a publication, please cite/acknowledge the GPC by using the grant number and publication listed below:
  • Grant number CDRN-1306-04631
  • Waitman, L.R., Aaronson, L.S., Nadkarni, P.M., Connolly, D.W. & Campbell, J.R. The Greater Plains Collaborative: a PCORnet Clinical Research Data Network. J Am Med Inform Assoc 21, 637-641 (2014).

Steps for GPC data requests - feasibility counts, de-identified data, or limited data

Guide to using HERON - a search discovery tool, and i2b2 based repository, that allows KUMC faculty members to search de-identified data from various hospital and medical center sources

Glossary of Terms - common terms referenced in data requests